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Gaston Together facilitates

2014 Commissioners School Session


On Wednesday, June 25th, Gaston Together hosted a program session for the “Movers and Shakers” group of the 2014 Commissioners School.  Twelve students spent the morning participating in a facilitated mini-community forum meeting which was held at First United Methodist Church in Gastonia. Student participants represented Ashbrook, Bessemer City, Cherryville, Forestview, East Gaston, North Gaston, South Point and Stuart Cramer.  Donna Lockett, Executive Director, provided a brief overview of the work of Gaston Together to begin the program.


Pictured right:  2014 Commissioners’ School, “Movers and Shakers” Group 
(left to right): Front Row, Victoria McAllister (South Point), Annie Bradley
(Forestview), Callee Eisenhuth (Forestview), Olivia Devine (South Point)
and Mattie Lee (Stuart Cramer).  Back Row, Will Anderson (North Gaston),
Meredith Poole (East Gaston), Chyna Pollard (Bessemer City),
Wright (North Gaston), Bradley Parrish (Stuart Cramer) and Murphy
Moss (Cherryville).

Dwayne Burks, with support from Gaston Together staff members Wendy Callahan and Darcel
Walker, led the students in focus group work discussing:  1) What’s good about Gaston County,
2) Challenges facing Gaston County, and 3) What should be changed in Gaston County. The
three groups presented skits to portray their individual focus group results.  The focus group with
the best report-out presentation won a basket of snacks to take back to the dorm!  The winning group presented a skit on “Changes needed in Gaston County.”  The group’s theme showcased Gaston County residents’ need to change towards building individual healthy lifestyles.  These changes will cut the risk of many chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.  The winning team members were Meredith Poole, East Gaston, Jackson Wright, North Gaston , Victoria McAllister, South Point and Mattie Lee, Stuart Cramer. 


Pictured left:  Winners of the Community Forum presentations (left to right): Mattie Lee (Stuart Cramer), Jackson Wright (North Gaston), Meredith Poole (East Gaston), and Victoria McAllister (Stuart Cramer).