Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organization is Gaston Together? Gaston Together is an organization committed to building a better Gaston County through planning and problem solving. Our organization takes the quality principles that have been so successful in business and applies that type of structured process to community problems.

How do you do that?

    Gaston Together has three central activities:
  • To help other organizations and groups address community problems by providing trained facilitators and by providing training in the Gaston Together problem-solving process;

  • To establish action teams (or task forces) to examine specific issues using the Gaston Together process. These action teams would bring individuals and organizations already working on the issue together with other citizens to work towards identifying the root cause of the problem and determining appropriate action;

  • To institute and carryout programs, initiatives, and activities in an effort to lead change and for the betterment of Gaston County.

What exactly is the Gaston Together process?

The Gaston Together Process is based on the quality principles used by many businesses. It is the Continuous Process Improvement model that has four phases: Plan-Do-Check-Act. Its goal is to identify root causes of problems rather than symptoms and to lead a group toward developing solution that addresses those root causes.

What specific things is Gaston Together doing now?

Gaston Together is involved in several activities at the moment; please visit our Initiatives to learn more. How is Gaston Together doing all of this? The work begins with a group of committed and specially trained volunteers called the Gaston Together Leadership Team. These volunteers have had extensive training in facilitating groups of citizens to identify the root causes of community problems. Some members of the Leadership Teams are available to facilitate the process for other groups, some members help organize action teams and others provide training in Continuous Process Improvement and Leading Change within a System.

Who is involved?

There is a role for everyone. Gaston Together is actively recruiting citizen involvement from throughout the County. There are several ways to become involved with Gaston Together, including:

  • Action Team Member: Gaston Together needs volunteers to serve on the action teams. This requires a commitment to meet regularly and to actively examine specific issues. Currently, action teams are working on parental involvement in education and on juvenile crime.

  • Focus Group and Town Meeting Participant: As the action teams examine issues they will actively seek grassroots input through focus groups and town meetings. Citizen participation at this level is critical to the effectiveness of the action teams.

  • Leadership Team Member: Gaston Together also needs highly committed Leadership Team Members. These team members invest a great deal of time to complete training as a certified Gaston Together facilitator. They also plan and organize the day-to-day work of Gaston Together and provide services to other organizations regarding the Gaston Together process.

  • For more information, please contact the Gaston Together office at 704.867.9869