Gaston Vision 2020

Gaston Vision 2020

In the summer of 2010, Gaston Together began a process to extend and transition the Gaston 2012 vision to the year 2020.  This process of community surveys, forums and planning retreats culminated in Gaston Vision 2020 (GV2020).  The new vision has a high priority on quality of life components although the overall effect will remain to improve the economic development of the county and thus the quality of life for all citizens.

John Lowery
Gaston Vision 2020 Chair
WealthPlan Financial

Gaston Vision 2020

Gaston 2020 will be a vibrant, healthy community offering unlimited opportunities for its citizens.  Residents and visitors will enjoy and celebrate our unique yet connected communities, our accomplishments, and our potential.  We will value learning by supporting excellent education, and taking advantage of diverse opportunities to advance our skills. Our demographics will reflect and embrace the growing number of young, hardworking individuals building families and neighborhoods, enjoying premier arts and recreation venues, and assuming proactive roles in our community leadership.

All who meet Gaston County will experience our pride and become part of our story.

In order to achieve the vision, the following success factors will need to be addressed:


Five Critical Success Factors:

  • To be a county of opportunity
  • To be a safe, healthy community
  • To demonstrate a value for education
  • To attract and retain a growing population of skilled 20 to 30 year olds
  • To effectively communicate the quality of living in Gaston County

Community members and municipal representatives are currently developing the tactical goals to accomplish in the year 2012 as we work towards Gaston Vision 2020.